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ENID, Oklahoma— Construction continues on the Kaw Lake waterline.

Most recently, the town of Enid closed Willow between Garland and Wheatridge on Friday for the installation of waterlines related to the Kaw Lake water program, which will last until September 30.

The water supply project extends from Osage County Lake to the city’s new water treatment plant on West Chestnut, with construction also continuing at the new plant and also to the east, a said City Manager Jerald Gilbert.

“(Community members) will see continued road closures in town around the pipeline route as it descends to Chestnut at the new water treatment plant site, so we ask them to be patients while we work on it,” Gilbert said. “Pipeline construction will continue – likely delays and inconvenience, but very soon in the future our water supply will be secure for generations to come.”

After nearly a year of deadlock, the Enid City Commission in July approved a joint resolution ratifying an agreement awarding the Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma a $4.2 million settlement for forbearance tribe to sue the construction and operation of the pipeline on tribal lands in Kay County. .

Commissioners also accepted right-of-way permits for Kay County land easements in July.

Since then, commissioners have also authorized two resolutions allowing the City of Enid to condemn certain land parcels in Kay County for the Kaw Lake water pipeline after absentee owners of the land parcels were unable to be located.

Gilbert said if the construction schedule goes according to plan, the Kaw Lake water pipeline project should be completed by January 2024.

“This is the toughest, toughest, most complex and expensive capital improvement project in the 128-year history of the Town of Enid,” Gilbert said. “We don’t want to lose sight of that and the vision and leadership of the City Council – current and past, and I applaud the city staff and the efforts of our engineer and contractor, Garver and Garney (Construction), to get this done.

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