Wild Virginia Blasts ‘appalling’ FERC four-year extension of Mountain Valley pipeline certificate of fracked gas

From wild Virginia:

On August 23, 2022, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued an order granting a four-year extension to complete the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP).

Statement from David Sligh, Conservation Director of Wild Virginia:

“This action by FERC is the latest in a long line of irresponsible decisions this government agency and others have made over the past five years to the detriment of people and the environment along the pipeline route. . The Board again prioritized the narrow interest of a for-profit corporation over the public interest.

“Most appalling is FERC’s refusal to acknowledge the environmental changes already caused by MVP or to base that decision on a rational assessment of whether the damage and destruction to our waters and peoples’ lands will continue if the MVP’s work is allowed to continue.

“Surprisingly, FERC states in its order that “. . . there is no evidence that the environmental effects of the project have changed significantly since the Commission authorized the project. (see attached order, paragraph 24).

“Apparently, FERC simply chose to ignore the piles of evidence on the record of the damage MVP caused to people and waters in his path. Wild Virginia’s reviews of inspection reports from the Virginia DEQ and contract inspectors show well over 600 instances where sediment was dumped on land outside the pipeline right-of-way, in Virginia alone. And in more than 100 cases, sediment was deposited in waterways and wetlands. This damage occurred whenever construction was underway: from early 2018, when construction began, until late 2021, after which construction almost ceased. (See Documenting Damage from December 2021 and attached reports submitted to FERC in July 2022 for documentation and more details).

“MVP wasn’t allowed to dump his mud on other people’s properties but that didn’t stop them; he had no right to desecrate our waters but they did it time and time again. It would be an illusion to think that MVP will not pile even more pollution on what it has already dumped on its construction sites. Now FERC has given the green light to the company to do just that.

“Despite this betrayal by yet another decision-making body, the thousands of people who have joined the fight against this injustice are not going to stop now. We have become accustomed to officials ignoring the facts and kowtowing to this industry. But we will continue until this project is complete, and then we will insist that at least some of the wounds MVP inflicted on our land, our water, our people, and our future be healed.

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