Vermonters mobilize to shut down Line 3 pipeline

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – Just over 100 people showed up at Battery Park in Burlington on Friday afternoon to fight climate change and raise public awareness about the Line 3 pipeline in Minnesota.

People from Vermont traveled to and from Minnesota to protest the pipeline. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission calls the crude oil pipeline a need, but climate activists call it a disaster.

A Canadian fuel transportation company, Enbridge, is working on a 330-mile pipeline in the Midwest, but residents as far as Vermont have expressed concern about its impact on the environment.

“Line 3 is an oil pipeline that would equate to 40 million more cars on the road, it goes through indigenous territory without their consent, and we can stop it,” said Chris Gish, an organizer of the event.

Under a project permit, the pipeline would be used to transport heavy crude oil from Alberta, Canada, to Superior, Wisconsin.

Rally organizer Nancy Brous said it would create an environmental hazard.

“It is extremely difficult to move it, so the pipeline has to be under high pressure, causing not only excessive leakage but the potential for explosion,” said Brous.

Activists at Friday’s rally hope to draw attention to climate change and how quickly it is happening.

“Knowing these ongoing conversations and a pipeline that means climate-related deaths are happening, it’s so easy to not pay attention to this at all,” Gish said.

Many participants believe that the pipeline is not a need, but just a money-making tactic.

“You can’t eat the money. you can’t drink money, ”Brous said. “You cannot live on money. You cannot live on a planet that has absolutely no more resources to support human life.

Friday’s rally was hosted by 350VT, Essex Resists, Extinction Rebellion VT, People’s Kitchen, Upper Valley Affinity Group, VT Interfaith Power and Light, Vt Peace and Justice Center and the Institute for Social Ecology and had speakers from across the country .

According to the Enbridge website, the US portion of this new pipeline is estimated at $ 2.9 billion.

The project is still in the authorization phase, so the start date of construction is still unknown.

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