The Water Access Sustainability and Security Project (PPSAE) in Morocco receives financial support

African Development Bank (AfDB) offers a lifeline of nearly US $ 21 million to the National Office for Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) to avoid a financial disruption in the implementation of the Sustainability and Safety Project of Access to Water (PPSAE) in Morocco.

This funding is in addition to the nearly US $ 92.4 million released by the Pan-African bank since the start of the PPSAE in 2019. The project also receives nearly US $ 43.4 million from the Growing Together in Africa Fund (GTAF).

An overview of the Water Access Security and Sustainability Project (PPSAE) in Morocco

The PPSAE in Morocco is part of the ONEE-Water Branch investment program, approved by its board of directors for the period 2016-2020 and then for the period 2019-2023. It will help control demand in fragile areas, more particularly in rural areas, while combating pollution in the industrial development zone.

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The scope of this project covers the provinces of Tangier, Al Hoceima, Guercif, Beni Mellal and Zagora. In the province of Tangier, the project will include the laying of 11 km of steel pipe with a diameter of 1200 mm that will link the Ibn Battouta dam to the Mharhar drinking water station, and the installation of a 1 , 1 m3 per second.

In Al Hoceima, 19.7 km of cast iron pipes, 700 and 600 mm in diameter, will be installed to convey water from the Oued Ghiss dam to an existing drinking water plant with a capacity of 0.4 m3 per second. Drinking water will be distributed to the population through a new coated steel pipe 11 km long.

Scope of the PPSAE in the provinces of Guercif, Beni Mellal and Zagora

In the province of Guercif, as in Al Hoceima, the government will strengthen the water supply with drinking water supply (DWS). According to our information, the works were divided into five lots, the construction and equipment of a drinking water plant with a capacity of 0.3 m3 per second, expandable to 0.45 m3 per second, and l installation of a 20 km raw water pipeline and a 60 km pipeline that will transport drinking water from the Guercif plant to supply the population in rural areas.

In Beni Mellal, the works consist in reinforcing the capacity of a water supply system located near the Souk Sebt axis from the Afourer drinking water plant, which will also be modernized in the framework of the project. A new AEP will be built to supply the centers of Souk Sebt, Dar Oulad Zidouh and Oulad Ayyad.

Finally, the PPSAE project will deliver hydraulic installations in the province of Zagora for a wastewater treatment plant with a production capacity estimated at 0.25 m3 per second, expandable to 0.375 m3 per second. The plant will treat the water from the Agdez dam and drinking water will be distributed to households via 107 km of pipes.

ONEE, which is implementing the project, is expected to deliver all facilities by 2023 at the latest.

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