The township of Bokaro under the Smart Township journey

Under the leadership of the Director in Charge (DIC) BSL Amarendu Prakash, Bokaro Steel Plant not only focuses on the production of the plant, but also on the administration of the township (TA) under Sameer Swarup ED (P&A) almost with a new team working day and night led by CGM (TA) BS Popli is also undergoing sweeping changes as in the same TA Electrical series having extensive planning and executions to transform the shape of the township of Bokaro into a Smart Town ship.

The planning of the Smart Township includes in order to save energy and at the same time increase the lighting of the Township to get rid of all conventional mercury vapor and sodium vapor lamps and to install LED lights. In addition, all the high poles installed at various locations in the township will soon be converted to high LED poles and another 70 high LED poles being installed where action has already been taken as recent works of almost 80% have been completed on the installation of 4000 new LED street lights. for better lighting throughout the city with an energy saving approach also at the level of the Foundation Preparation has started to install new additional masthead lights in the canton area.

In search of a smart city development approach TA Electrical is embarking on the path of digitization and two projects have been undertaken mainly as the installation of smart meters replacing all conventional meters which have many limitations and for start online invoicing which will surely increase revenue considerably. Another more important step includes the smart transformer monitoring system, because the township of Bokaro involves a wide range of power distribution through many transformers and in particular, it is almost impossible to monitor all of them simultaneously. Thus, through cloud computing, various critical parameters can be monitored from TA Office centrally, which in turn will eliminate the possibilities of transformer burnout as one of the main reasons for irregular and fluctuating power supply. in the town. In addition to this plan already prepared for the arterial lighting of the main streets, the replacement of the conventional cement poles by octagonal intelligent lighting poles as well as the increase of the power supply in which an underground cable would be laid from the substation main at various sub-stations in the area. Many plans are also in the final stages of review once all of these proposals take shape. Bokaro Steel city is said to be one of the best smart cities in the country, something this industrial city has always deserved and ironically delayed.

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