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By: Ken Willette – February 2022

What a 180 degree turn our nation has taken since President Biden was sworn in and promised the most radical liberal agenda since the days of FDR. Republicans were still reeling from unwarranted guilt by association for the Jan. 6 incursion into the Capitol. As if 75 million voters and thousands of peaceful demonstrators were solely responsible for the reprehensible violence of a few hundred instigators.

Surprisingly, many of the same liberals ignored the political violence and attacks on police, private businesses, federal buildings, monuments, and even the White House over the summer of 2020. No congressional commission to analyze all the political violence.

With Biden’s tacit approval, left-wing radicals rushed to Congress to pass legislation that would have forever altered the constitutional experience of the world’s greatest nation. Think about the scope of their plans – to defund the police; implementing critical race theory in our schools; pack the Supreme Court; open borders and add trillions in permanent expenses. Even climate change funding and mandates would have held back business development and innovation for decades.

But a funny thing happened in the way of socialism, apology forums and biased commissions, conservatives across the country woke up with a vengeance. And make no mistake, the Conservatives are on a total win campaign that would make Grant and Sherman proud.

Bold governors in Florida and Texas initially rebelled against lockdowns, which were crushing small businesses and pushing middle-class workers into poverty.

Now we find that the lockdowns had no significant impact on reducing the number of COVID deaths. But as liberals illogically fought for lockdowns, they willingly sought to open our country’s borders.

Biden’s facade of working for national unity quickly faded when the lies of children in cages, the disastrous exit from Afghanistan, the roar of inflation and deep weakness against rivals Russia and China left us convinced of his sheer duplicity and incompetence.

Biden created dumpster fires every day he spoke. He said all Republicans were racist for supporting voter ID laws.

Yet 80% of Americans are apparently racist because they support voter ID, and South Africa, a majority black nation, has a two-step registration and verification process for voting. Shame on us for wanting to protect the integrity of the ballot.

Biden halted construction of the Keystone pipeline, limited drilling to the country and questioned fracking methods.

Yet he cried ignorance when gas prices and heating costs soared. He promised to speed up supply chain bottlenecks, but a trip to a nearby market

Basket will confirm the error of this effort. Escalating crime across the country has temporarily silenced the madness associated with funding the police movement. But liberal legislatures continue to promote smash and grab tactics with weakened criminal penalties.
The November elections cannot come soon enough, as a massive red wave will sweep away the hypocrisy of the radical left. Conservatives are winning at school board meetings, in the courts, in Congress and in state houses.

The radical left agenda is dying a slow and painful death.
Soft music to the conservatives. ◊

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