The new Russian gas pipeline for Bosnia and Herzegovina stopped at the Drina River

The planned gas pipeline from Bijeljina northeast to BanjaLuka and novemberI Grad northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was arrested at the Drina River.

Two members of the BiH Presidency of the Federation of BiH(FBiH), Sefik Dzaferovivs and ZEljko KomsIvsrefuse to officially discuss the contract between BiH and Serbia which would allow its construction.

Without the consent of the three members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a signed bilateral agreement, the gas pipeline cannot cross the national border.

Through this pipeline, Russian gas would be transported through the so-called Turkish stream, and entered Bosnia and Herzegovina through aother direction. It would be intended exclusively for consumers of the Republika Srpska (RS) entity. The hundred million euros needed for construction should be provided by Gazprom.

It is planned to be used by the Russian company Brod and Modrivsa refinery, which would also build one of five planned gas-fired power plants. The gas would also be used by households for heating and other industrial consumers.

Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sefik Dzaferovivs Says that BiH should follow Europe and get rid of its dependence on Russian gas.

The European Union (EU) offers money to solve dependence on Russia

In Sarajevo, Von der Leyen presented the “Energy Support Package for the Western Balkans”, worth 500 million euros, intended to build infrastructures that would improve energy security and reduce dependence on Russian energy sources.

Dzaferovivs underlined that the interest of BiH is the construction of the “southern interconnection”, which would connect BiH with the network of Croatian and European gas pipelines, and he stated that the construction of this gas pipeline in the south of BiH was part of in this framework.

After the last session, Dodik spoke of “Federation blockages” and announced countermeasures.

“As long as we are in power, no project in BiH will pass until the question of the passage of the gas pipeline in Banja Luka is approved,” Dodik said.

“High priority” for RS

The “New Eastern Interconnection of BiH – Serbia” gas pipeline, as it is officially called, would be 325 kilometers long, have a capacity of one billion cubic meters per year, and cost around 120 million euros.

The director of the company Gas Res, Ljubo GlamovsIvssays that “it will take more time to finish the ‘paperwork‘ than for the building itself.

He declaresD that the authorities of RS, when planning the highway from Banja Luka to Bijeljina and further through Serbia, predicted that the gas pipeline would run parallel to it. He pointed out that “events As it concerns Ukraine and Russia have slowed things down a lot, but regardless, work on the project continues.

“A lot of details have been defined, including the crossing of the Drina. Soon, a call for tenders will be launched for the preparation of a study and a conceptual project, on the basis of which the project documentation and the expropriation will be prepared”, GlamovsIvs concluded, writes Radio Slobodna Evropa.


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