Tanzania: State invites Indians to invest in energy sector in Tanzania


ENERGY Minister January Makamba called on the Indian government and its local investors to visit Tanzania and explore available investment opportunities in the energy sector, including the Mnazi Bay North block where the region is potential for gas.

Makamba advanced the appeal on Wednesday when he met and spoke with India’s High Commissioner to Tanzania Binaya Pradhan at the ministry’s office in Dar es Salaam.

The talks aimed, among other things, to discuss cooperation between countries, in particular in the energy sector.

He noted that there are various opportunities in the region (bloc) that require immediate investment and that Indian investors should come forward to work with the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) to exploit them.

Likewise, he said, there are vast prospects for investing in solar energy in the region, including the construction of one-stop oil terminals, which are now a major need for Tanzania as it can be strategically used to distribute oil in eastern and southern Africa.

“I invite Indian investors to invest in oil granaries in partnership with Tanzania International Petroleum Reserves Limited (Tiper) using its already built infrastructure,” he said.

For his part, Ambassador Pradhan said that the Indian government will continue to cooperate with Tanzania, in particular by encouraging its local investors to take advantage of the opportunities available in the country.

He noted that the government is now keen to invest in Tanzania in areas of oil warehouses, the East Africa Pipeline Project (EA-COP) as well as solar energy projects, including that of the district of Kishapu, in the region of Shinyanga.


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