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The fuel from an oil depot located in Ayutthaya can be transported via pipes up to Lampang within FPT’s latest service.

Fuel Pipeline Transportation Co (FPT) which is a division of Bangkok Aviation Fuels Service Plc offers to ship oil via it’s Ayutthaya pipeline Lampang to replace tanker truck and to cut carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles while they travel.

The longest pipeline in Thailand and spans the total length of 576 km.

“This pipeline may help with energy security, which is in line with the state’s transportation fuel infrastructure plan, which promotes the use of this pipeline to replace oil trucks in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.” claimed Charoen Charusalaipong who is the director of management at FPT.

The pipeline, which has an annual capacity of nine billion liters of liquids per year it was designed and managed via Northern Fuel Pipeline Transportation Co (NFPT) an affiliate of FPT.

The total investment is estimated at 9.7 billion dollars.

NFPT utilizes technology that permits diesel, aviation fuel as well as gasoline, to travel through one pipeline.

Numerous oil companies are looking into this fuel transportation service as an alternative to truck transport the Mr. Charoen said.

“The pipeline will help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from greenhouse gases by around 3000 tonnes equivalent to carbon dioxide per year, as well as the reduction of traffic accidents” the official said.

The Ayutthaya-Lampang highway is the second stage in the FPT pipeline development.

FPT started its pipeline service in March 2019 , when it began to send crude oil through its base in Bang Pa-in district in Ayutthaya in northern Thailand, to Phichit province through the 209-km pipeline.

A 367-km extension was constructed in the second phase. It connects Phichit with Lampang.

The company was planning to start a new service in the second half of 2020. However, they were forced to postpone the launch because of the Covid-19 crisis.

The pipeline that is also a included in the country’s strategic energy plan is expected to help support economic growth in the coming years.

It could aid in the transportation of petroleum products from Thailand to the countries that are in its vicinity the Ms. Charoen said.

FPT created an investigation team in the year 2019 to study the viability of extending the pipeline to Myanmar to meet the growing need for crude oil.

Provinces Lamphun and Tak located to the to the west of Lampang is the focus for the plan to expand.

In order to move crude across borders, brand new pipeline is scheduled to be constructed in Tak province, which will connect to Mawlamyine district located in Myanmar.

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