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BISMARCK, ND (AP) — The state Supreme Court has rejected a last-ditch attempt to keep the Dakota Access Pipeline‘s construction safety records private.

The Bismarck Tribune reported this week that the case involves documents that pipeline security overseer TigerSwan gave to the state’s Private Investigation and Security Board during a dispute over whether the company of North Carolina was operating illegally in North Dakota. This issue was resolved in September 2020 when the company agreed to pay the board a $175,000 settlement.

Online news organization Intercept filed a lawsuit in November 2020 to obtain the documents. The pipeline developer, Energy Transfer, argued the documents were confidential. The state Supreme Court ruled in late April that they were public records since the Security Council had received them for use in public affairs.

La Tribune reported that Energy Transfer asked the court on May 12 to rehear the case. The judges refused in a May 23 order that did not explain their reasoning.

Rehearings are rare for the Supreme Court. Judges last granted one in 2013, and only to correct an inaccuracy in an opinion.

Energy transfer officials did not respond to a message.

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