Sacramento Selects Stantec for Recycled Water Project

The Sacramento Regional County Health District (Regional San) recently selected global design firm Stantec to provide the design for 16 miles of transmission pipeline under the Harvest Water program.

The program will provide tertiary-treated recycled water for growers to use to irrigate crops, instead of pumped groundwater, on 16,000 acres of farmland in southern Sacramento County. The Harvest Water program will provide up to 50,000 acre-feet per year of recycled water from the Regional San treatment plant in Elk Grove, to areas near the lower Cosumnes River and Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge.

The project aims to improve groundwater levels and stream flows, improve groundwater-dependent riparian habitats, support prime agricultural lands, and improve regional water supply reliability. The use of recycled water would also mitigate the risk of drought.

The Harvest Water program is partially funded by a Proposition 1 grant from the California Water Commission. The 16 miles of pipeline, which includes transmission trunks up to 66 inches in diameter, account for about $120 million to $130 million of the overall project costs.

“The Harvest Water program goes far beyond simply delivering water from point A to point B. It is truly about environmental stewardship, restoring groundwater levels and improving resilience of the water supply in the region,” said Janet Atkinson, Vice President and Project Manager of Stantec. . “We are delighted to support Regional San in its regional reclaimed water program which will set a precedent and deliver outstanding environmental benefits.”

Pipeline construction is expected to begin in 2023 and be completed in early 2025. Harvest Water was previously known as the South County Ag Program.

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