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Crews get back to work replacing a gas pipeline in Montgomery and Greene counties.

This is the final year of CenterPoint Energy‘s three-year replacement project.

Residents of North Linda Drive in Bellbrook found out that pipeline construction would continue in early February.

Centerpoint Energy is replacing portions of a 20-inch gas pipeline at Bellbrook as part of a modernization project.

Alyssia Oshodi, communications manager for CenterPoint, said they were replacing about 30 miles in total for this project.

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Line repairs are performed entirely by CenterPoint Energy.

No funding for the project comes out of the city’s pocket.

Bellbrook City Manager Rob Schommer echoed that.

“It’s 100% their project as a private company,” Schommer told News Center 7’s Kayla McDermott.

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Some residents are getting tired of the construction in their community.

“Just the noise will be everything to me,” said Bellbrook resident Susan Verdier.

Verdier said she could hear bangs and beeps coming from construction trucks throughout the day.

In addition to the noise, some owners will have part of their property dug up.

Verdier said a whole row of trees were felled in the neighborhood, some over 60 years old.

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CenterPoint said they have in the past and will continue to address any damages they have caused.

“We will do our best to attempt to restore the property once we have completed this work,” Oshodi said.

But Verdier said that was not the case.

This is the second year the ground has been torn for the pipe and she said the last time nothing was fixed.

CenterPoint Energy said they coordinated it so that their work schedule aligns with local schools’ spring break schedule to reduce the amount of traffic on the road.

The project could still take a few months to complete.

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