Norway increases its natural gas production to fight the energy crisis

Norwegian authorities have approved requests from operators to increase production from several gas fields, Norway’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy said on Monday, expecting record gas sales via pipelines to Europe This year.

The ministry took into account the operators’ requests on the shelf and authorized higher gas production from the Troll, Gina Krog, Duva, Oseberg, Åsgard and Mikkel fields. The Ministry of Energy has also granted a production license for the Nova gas field, which is expected to start soon.

Permits for higher gas production mean Norway is on track to export record volumes of gas through its pipeline network this year, the ministry said.

Norway’s decision to allow higher gas production and record gas exports comes as partners the EU and UK jostle for gas supplies ahead of winter, which could be one of the rations for some industries and even households if gas supply by Russian pipeline to Europe stops.

Norwegian gas fields supply 20-25% of gas demand in the EU and the UK, according to the Norwegian ministry.

The most important thing Norway can do in the current difficult energy situation for Europe and the world is to help companies operating on the Norwegian continental shelf to maintain the current high production, the Minister for Oil and Energy, Terje Aasland, in a press release.

Companies are constantly evaluating opportunities to deliver more gas and oil from their Norwegian fields. “The increase in production permits will contribute to the record gas sales we expect through our pipeline system this year,” Aasland added.

Gas prices in Europe have started to recover again in recent weeks after Russia cut gas deliveries in mid-June to major European customers, including Germany and Italy. Germany has already activated the second stage of a three-phase emergency gas supply protocol, as Europe’s largest economy and the whole of Europe rush to fill gas supply capacities. gas storage before winter.

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