Next-generation software for risk management and asset integrity

As the energy industry increasingly focuses on improving production, the ability to manage the health and integrity of critical infrastructure such as pipelines in a sustainable, cost-effective, safe and secure manner becomes an essential differentiator.

Enter Synergi pipeline, DNVThe enterprise solution for improving the performance and security of pipeline assets. This comprehensive solution supports integrity and risk management in all phases of the asset lifecycle, from pipeline risk assessment to inspection data management and analysis, through the planning of mitigation measures.

DNV, an independent global insurance and risk management company, is shaping the future of insurance, helping clients navigate complex transformations with confidence. It provides customers and stakeholders with reliable facts and information, facilitating informed decision-making and thus improving operational efficiency.

Synergi Pipeline is one of DNV’s digital tools that leverages its domain expertise and software skills to enable customers to optimize the performance, security of operations and risk management of their assets.

Synergi Pipeline is a comprehensive “Plan-Do-Check-Act” risk management solution for distribution, transportation and underground storage. A complete solution has components that can cover the entire process, as shown in the diagram below.

The powerful cloud-based enterprise solution helps bridge data silos, break down organizational boundaries, maximize uptime, ensure serviceability and improve security of supply.

The highly configurable risk and integrity management solution

One of the many factors that sets Synergi Pipeline apart is that it is highly configurable and flexible. Synergi Pipeline provides a single, transparent view of a company’s assets (pipeline, valves, pressure regulators, etc.), spanning all segments (gathering, transportation, distribution, offshore, etc.) and can manage both liquid and gas pipelines.

The solution integrates engineering and operations analysis, and combined with proprietary integrity and risk models, provides pipeline operators with the decision-making support they need.

Synergi Pipeline also has advanced data connectivity capabilities, which eliminate the need and associated costs for manual data conversions. The solution is database independent, which means this software can connect to any database and multiple types of non-database data. This is because it not only conforms to customer needs, but also improves the savings over the life of the pipelines by reducing the costs of computer hardware and maintenance.

From compliance to continuous improvement

Over the past decade, risk management has evolved from a near pure compliance requirement to an essential decision-making tool in business and integrity management processes. Organizations strive to go beyond simply classifying their lines, to finding a better understanding of the real risks to distribution lines and how they can be serviced.

In addition to providing insight into the management, operations and health of pipeline inspection, Synergi Pipeline uses a probabilistic risk assessment (ERP) model to provide companies with a comprehensive understanding of different risks across their system. , both distinctly at an individual threat level as well as how they interact together.

PRA allows organizations to focus on the specifics that are causing these risks, which can then help create a targeted mitigation strategy. Pipeline operators can also run what-if scenarios and compare mitigation strategies to prioritize capital spending and maximize risk reductions.

Synergi Pipelines also helps facilitate a process of continuous risk improvement by identifying data gaps and quantifying uncertainties in risk calculations. Further comparisons between assessments would promote efficiency by reducing uncertainties in risk models.

Product line manager for Synergi Pipeline at DNV, Tony Alfano, said the software gives users better control over their assets.

“Synergi Pipeline is highly configurable and flexible software that allows our customers to adapt it to their own systems,” Alfano said.

“We have been able to deliver significant value to our customers by providing them with the information they need to keep their systems secure and reliable, saving them money in the long run. “

A partnership with DNV provides the user with access to software, risk models, and risk and integrity consulting services, supported by a comprehensive lab, computer software simulations and test facilities at large scale. Businesses will feel confident knowing that they are supported by the best software and solutions available on the market.

DNV is a trusted voice to tackle global transformation that sets industry benchmarks and inspires and invents solutions. The company is driven by its goal of protecting life, property and the environment, echoing its commitment to innovative and intelligent risk assessment and proactive integrity solutions that do not negatively impact the environment.

For more information visit the DNV website.

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