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Although it is a new name in the market, Pipeline Equipment Rentals continues to consolidate its status as a major player in the industry by becoming the sole official distributor of the supplier of special equipment SCAIP.

Pipeline Equipment Rentals (PER) is a new specialist supplier of pipeline construction equipment. Founded in 2020, the company offers a wide range of products from some of the world’s most respected suppliers, backed by expert staff who are passionate about the machines they work with.

In order to expand its portfolio, PER recently became the official Australian distributor of the SCAIP line of pipeline construction equipment and agricultural equipment. Operating from Italy and having built custom machinery for the pipeline industry since 1959, SCAIP is a family-owned original equipment manufacturer that has made its mark in the Australian industrial landscape for many years.

Originally founded as a mechanical workshop for agricultural machinery, SCAIP began to specialize in the design and manufacture of pipeline construction machinery in the 1980s. Over time, SCAIP’s range of equipment has grown. perfected through modifications based on consumer feedback.

A new opportunity

“In 2020, we discovered that the relationship between the Italian factory and the US distributor had ended, leaving Australia without a local importer as well as a local supplier of spare parts and technical support,” explains PER Business Development Manager. Fabio Resimini.

“We decided now was the perfect time to see if the Italian factory was interested in maintaining its presence in Australia through an official concession, and the rest is history.”

Mr. Remini is a Mechanical Engineer with over a decade of experience in the pipeline industry and an inaugural member of the PER team.

Before the company became an exclusive distributor, Mr. Resimini was familiar with SCAIP products when the brand was managed by a US company and marketed as Superior Manufacturing in Australia.

“We researched the products, conducted surveys and found that the Italian plant produced some of the best pipeline specific equipment in the world,” he explains.

The Superior Manufacturing brand was replaced in favor of SCAIP in 2016.

“We ended up purchasing pipe layers, benders, vacuum elevators and padding machines over the years, developing our brand and equipment know-how while growing our relationship with the factory. with regard to Australia’s specific needs. “

Eventually the company began to build what is now the largest fleet of SCAIP equipment in Australia.

“We have been using, servicing and servicing SCAIP products for many years: we knew them intimately.

Within the PER team, operators have up to 10 years of experience with the Italian manufacturer of the previous companies, making PER a natural choice for the exclusive distributor.

Mr. Resimini explains that the name SCAIP is superior to other suppliers both in the range and in its specific adaptation to the Australian market.

“There are competitors in the market, but none of them offer such a wide range of efficient and purpose-built machines. “

With 60 years of experience, SCAIP machines are recognized for having the most advanced technology in the industry.

“We know that SCAIPs are highly regarded in Australia, which is why they are so widely used by most, if not all, pipeline construction companies in our country. They are special purpose machines designed to do their job in the most efficient and safe way possible while providing an ergonomic station for the operator.

PER started distributing SCAIP in the first months of 2021 after signing an agreement recognizing the company as the only official distributor of SCAIP products in the country.

“It was a big step for PER to accept the distribution agreement: we are a young and relatively small company, but our range of offerings in the pipeline construction sector is now complete,” says Mr. Resimini.

PER now offers the rental and sale of equipment, technical and mechanical assistance and the supply of spare parts for all SCAIP products. SCAIP equipment is suitable not only for pipeline construction, but also for mining, drilling and renewable energy applications.

“We wanted to ensure a steady supply of spare parts for all machines across the country: no distributor was forcing owners of Superior equipment to ask the factory for support and parts directly. Now they can come to us knowing that we will do our best to provide fast and efficient service which is why we have a good stock of spare parts for all models currently known to be in Australia.

“Partnership and innovation are at the heart of everything we do: we listen to the needs and expectations of our customers and we work with them to achieve their goals,” says Mr. Resimini.

“PER is very proud to represent the SCAIP brand in Australia and we look forward to a very productive and lasting relationship. “

For more information, visit the Pipeline Equipment Rentals website.

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