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Roanoke has a vision and a plan: to clean it up. Then came the dirty MVP to crash it all – violating our precious wilderness and scrambling our Appalachian streams. MVP grossly encroached on our mountain views with its 125 foot Fort Lewis mountain grip scar. For all of this, we can thank our regional chamber in Roanoke – apparently allied with Roanoke Gas in forcing captive taxpayers to force natural gas on its own captured customers.

Obsolete US natural gas law set the stage for MVP’s deceptive and corrupt plan, but pro-development federal judge Elizabeth Dillon facilitated the MVP authority “eminent domain for private gain” – MVP’s key to plunder rural properties, their springs, our mountains and water resources – destroying our best plans. The MVP project was de facto separate from science.

Dillon never failed to take the opportunity to slap the protesters instead of treating them like the modern climate and civil rights heroes that they are. Note: Judges may fight injustice, but it allowed an extremely unfair, out-of-state fossil LLC to take hold in our region – by grabbing what it wanted from our citizens.

The chamber continues to help, encourage and animate the MVP attack – forcing local economies to pay unfair externalized costs such as the cost of cleaning up stormwater estimated at $ 37 million by Roanoke. MVP weighs on our local economic development which works well by interfering with our region’s hands-off approach which leaves nature’s pure water creation system intact. Bent Mountain’s fragile, complex, and bountiful upland hydrology pushes water straight out of Bent Mountain for thousands of people downstream.

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