Lightsource BP’s latest acquisition brings Spain’s pipeline to 3 GW

Lightsource BP makes substantial investments in its Spanish pipeline. Image: BP light source

Lightsource BP added 703 MW to its Spanish pipeline through the acquisition of projects from Grupo Jorge, bringing its total pipeline in Spain to 3 GW.

The acquisition consists of three Aragon-based projects, of which Lightsource BP will begin construction next year. Two projects in Zaragoza have a capacity of 292MW and 130MW, while the third in the province of Huesca will generate 281MW.

The agreement strengthens the company’s presence in the northern region of Spain, with around 1.1 GW of projects under development, construction and operation in Aragon.

The Spanish team of Lightsource BP has developed a portfolio of 2.6 GW in less than six months thanks to strategic partnerships, with 400 MW built or under construction.

In addition, the company hopes to build an additional 148.5 MW this year. “We look forward to increasing our investments and activities in the region,” said Fernando Roger, Lightsource BP Country Manager for Spain.

Lightsource BP recently announced an investment of 900 million euros in a 1.35 GW pipeline in Portugal and secured a 640 MW co-development in Greece.

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