Leaked Bronco Mileage Ratings, Average Between 17-21

All-time to release fuel economy ratings for a new series of popular vehicles, the Ford Bronco’s fuel numbers release figures couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Very average mileage

Let’s face it. The numbers are incredibly average. Indeed, they are what you would expect from 4X4 SUVs, although the engine sizes themselves suggest that the fuel consumption figures for the Bronco and its little brother, the Bronco Sport, should be higher than they are. are not.

We’ll get back to the actual numbers, which were discussed by Laura # 1976 in a Bronco Nation release late last week, in a moment. For now, let’s look at the environment in which the figures were published.

First, in a huge coincidence, Bronco’s fuel economy ratings emerged the same week that a group of Russian hackers were holding the Colonial Pipeline for ransom by hacking into the fuel supplier’s computer system. The Colonial pipeline transports all types of fuels – gasoline, diesel, aviation – from refineries in the south to the northeast. For six days last week, nothing passed through the pipeline. It took Washington’s efforts, in conjunction with the fuel transportation company, to get things going.

Indeed, it was not until this weekend to ensure that the fuel was circulating at 100%. During the shutdown, motorists in the southeast panicked as gasoline supplies dried up. This led to fuel lines that were reminiscent of gasoline shortages of the 1970s. It also led panicked motorists to engage in poor behaviors such as building up gas in open containers and fighting. Gasoline prices also climbed from about $ 3 to $ 4 a gallon, for the first time in years. He also demonstrated how vulnerable our fuel infrastructure is to hackers.

Mileage Rating Post Turns Into Gas Hacker News

Press reports also said that the hacker group that launched the ransomware attack, DarkSide, disbanded after discovering it no longer had unrestricted access to the Colonial Pipeline computer system it had. pirate. The ransomware attack indeed produced a ransom that got things going again. Various media reported that Colonial paid up to $ 5 million to regain control of its computer system and ultimately the pipeline.

Mileage ratings also came as there were other fuel shortage fears that helped keep prices on the rise even after fuel started to flow again. A shortage of tanker drivers has sparked these fears. It’s funny that even with fuel tank refill fuel available, there aren’t enough drivers to get the fuel to local gas stations. It’s a paradox that there is fuel available, but you still can’t get it. As a result, fuel prices have remained on the rise.

With that environment as a backdrop, Bronco’s fuel economy ratings leaked. Ratings were, as stated, incredibly average, ranging from 17 to 21 miles per gallon. Bronco Nation noted that the reason for the very average fuel economy ratings was weight. To put it bluntly, they noted that “Ford vehicles are notoriously heavy and the Bronco, built on the Ranger platform, is no exception.”

My colleague Jimmy Dinsmore ran a petition campaign to get at least one Bronco model with a manual.

The most efficient [Bronco] the models “are equipped with the 2.3-liter four-cylinder and 10-speed automatic transmission” and the “2.3-liter four-cylinder engine and [the] Seven-speed manual transmission, both with a combined 21 mpg. This average will, of course, increase the decrease per topping and per packet applied. “

Bronco six-cylinder gasoline mileage

Owners of the “2.7-liter six-cylinder engine, which can only be paired with the 10-speed automatic transmission, can expect to see a combined total of 19 miles per gallon.”

As Torque News noted, there is a manual transmission, but it is only available with the Sasquatch pack. It “will be introduced later; fuel economy will likely follow the same pattern as the 2.3-liter automatic with [the] Sasquatch. Torque News senior reporter Jimmy Dinsmore was able to convince Ford to add a manual to a Bronco package.

During this time, I discussed the Bronco Sasquatch model.

To say that Bronco Nation is not happy with the mileage numbers is to put it a little lightly. He calls out “Bronco numbers… pretty typical.” He also noted that while some “Bronco owners may… [have] expected the figures released, others to be more uncomfortable [with] … good, [the] higher numbers. “

Using the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon as a comparison vehicle, Bronco Nation noted that Bronco is a heavier vehicle. He noted that weight is an important factor in determining fuel economy. Bronco Nation concluded that when it comes to “gas mileage, vehicle weight matters, and even 100 pounds of extra weight can make a noticeable difference in terms of economy.”

Mileage ratings are contested in terms of fuel economy

Thus, the heavier Bronco is a vehicle with low fuel consumption. Bronco Nation noted that “looking at the Bronco’s curb weight through trim and powertrain [you] will begin to say why fuel economy is in question. It is a rugged heavy vehicle (aka). “

Bronco Nation noted what we found in Torque News a while back – about the time of the announcement, actually – that the Bronco is a pickup in Bronco clothing. Its body-on-frame construction makes it much more “robust” than a unibody vehicle like the Bronco Sport. And, while the Bronco Sport is, on its own, quite rugged, its bigger brother, the Bronco, is built like a pickup.

Thus, “its powertrain, designed for off-road applications, and [with] An engine that exceeds truck durability ratings, the 2021 Bronco turns out to be a thirsty vehicle. “And so, while” the fuel consumption figures may be disappointing for some … [they are] just horrible for others. “

Feelings of mileage depend on audience

You have to remember the target buyer of the Bronco. Priced more narrowly like a truck, the Bronco “with its higher prices at higher trims, is aimed at people with room in their budget for fuel, fun and modifications. Our bet? Even disgruntled consumers. MPG will now forget about some of the pain at the pump once they meet the capability and smiles per mile of the all-new Bronco. “

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