Jamshedpur will receive Iconic Road through transformation of Straight Mile Road

Tata Steel UISL is continuously constructing and expanding road infrastructure in Jamshedpur : MD

Plans to turn Straight Mile Road into an iconic thoroughfare

Jamshedpur, January 15: Steel City’s Straight Mile Road will be developed as an iconic road, as will Mount Road in Chennai and Nandan Kanan Road in Bhubaneshwar.

Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Limited (formerly JUSCO) plans to develop an iconic road from Baridih-Agrico Roundabout to Sakchi via Straight Mile Road, Dhatkidih and Kadma Market, Tata Steel UISL Managing Director Tarun Daga has informed. .

Addressing a virtual press conference on Saturday, Daga said: “Every great city is built around a main artery that becomes iconic and becomes part of history. Also for Jamshedpur, the early town planners 100 years ago may have designed an east-west corridor to serve the flow of traffic and we can work to strengthen this network and create an iconic road from Baridih to Kadma”. He asked the opinion of citizens and public representatives.

MD said roads are the arteries through which the economy moves forward, they form the basis of basic infrastructure. By linking producers to markets, workers to jobs, students to schools, farms to consumers, villages to cities, roads are essential to any development agenda. He informed that previously the city division used to repair the roads in the city but now this work is done by JUSCO and considering the increasing urbanization and industrialization, development and l Road widening is continuous, which is endless. journey.

Tata Steel UISL General Manager Tarun Daga

“Over the past decade this has been continued with the redesign and widening of roads and central shoulders across the city. The reconstruction of road infrastructure now includes street furniture, green spaces, smart streetlights and tree management (trees are not cut, they are moved),” he added.

Tata Steel UISL MD informed that the road development works in Jamshedpur have been focused on improving the quality of travel for the citizens without traffic jams and safer travel with one-way traffic. This is illustrated by the decongestion in Sakchi, including the relocation of the bus terminal. This is also seen on the bend through the ISWP area towards Tata Motors.

He further said that under the scheduled maintenance activities, routine pothole repair and surfacing activities are carried out based on the road condition inspection process. Every year, as part of the maintenance activities, more than 1,000 square meters of road surface are covered, which represents 13% of the total road surface. This percentage of maintenance coverage is well above the specified standards of 5% of the total road surface.

The company is also working on road infrastructure upgrade plans in Jamshedpur which includes –Bhalubasha Bridge: The rehabilitation works have started and should be completed in 2022.Mango Bridge: some improvements are planned and will be completed by March 22. Howrah Bridge: detailed engineering work for the rehabilitation is underway and expected to be completed in 2022, based on which it can be expected to be resumed for upgrades in 2023.

Marine training: The road is developed on a stretch filled with slag. With aging, there are depressions on some stretches. Improving this stretch will require continued attention.

MD further stated that we look forward to the support of citizens in promoting proper pedestrian crossing and parking practices.

5 km of roads realigned and widened each year

Based on the traffic density assessment and decongestion plans, JUSCO reviewed and redesigned the center shoulders and junctions to ease traffic flow; improved intersection, corridor improvements; undertook road widening and modernization of multi-lane roads for better traffic management. About 56 km of roads have been realigned and constructed over the past decade.

Parking spaces created for 1500 4-Wheelers and 500 2-Wheelers

Since 2013, there has been an attempt to make the citizens’ “exit experience” comfortable and better, by creating new parking places and improving existing ones keeping in mind the steps in and around. Development in terms of parking area has focused on areas with high congestion.

Speaking of the GAIL pipeline, MD said the pipeline work is important to the city and will reduce carbon emissions. Jusco provides the basic facilities including electricity, water to the people of the city, so it is also necessary that the basic facilities are not interrupted and that the gas pipeline works continue unhindered and for this, our team will plan the work with the GAIL team.

Speaking about the water supply in Cable Town, MD said the INCAB case continues to be pending in the National Company Law Tribunal and we cannot supply water to the area. As we receive orders, we will begin supplying water to the area. Tarun Daga added, “We are committed to providing water in bustis and the process will start soon and there are plans to provide water from Jamshedpur East to Jamshedpur West.”

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