How Ukrainian and Russian hackers are complicating the war

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US officials have publicly feared that Putin’s government would retaliate against America for its support for Ukraine. One of the easiest ways for Russia to do this without overtly starting World War III is to sneaky cyberattack, potentially on US infrastructure.

This menace seems to keep many people awake at night. During an appearance in the press Two weeks ago, President Joe Biden said, “Based on evolving intelligence, Russia may be planning a cyberattack against us. Biden too warned US companies prepare for such attacks. The FBI has likewise warned that Russian groups are trying to attack the US energy grid. Meanwhile, editorials—from Atlantic for The Boston Globe– sounded the alarm that America might be about to get zapped.

Russia certainly has the capabilities. The government has both the necessary means political motivation and links with big scary hacker groups. Threat analysts say Russia have proven themselves in seriously destroying shit digitally – just take a look at the alleged Sandworm attack on the Ukrainian power grid in 2015.

However, at present, not all of these fears have materialized into a real and active threat. As of now we seem to be ok.

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