From a humble idea to the preferred solution for the renewal of pipes in sensitive and difficult areas

Since 2001, Primus Line has supplied proven systems for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure lines worldwide.

Like the ASTT, Primus Line is also celebrating an important anniversary this year. The company’s trenchless technology development work began 25 years ago, followed five years later by the launch of the brand and the founding of the company.

Today, the German company has five international locations, and its products are used around the world to rehabilitate critical pipeline infrastructure safely, over the long term and with minimal disruption.

Potential in Australia

Primus Line established its first contact with local asset owners in 2013. In 2016, the Australian Government’s National Water Commission published its certification framework for operators of drinking water treatment systems. It was then that the company founded its Australian subsidiary.

Since then, Primus Line has become the preferred solution for the rehabilitation of pipelines in sensitive and difficult to access areas. Since then, major projects have included Australia’s first 3 in 1 solution, which Primus Line made for Hunter Water.

This project involved three Primus Liner DN 450 installed in a DN 900 pipe to maintain an optimal water supply for Newcastle. Traditional methods of excavation and replacement would have caused road closures for several weeks, causing disruption to the environment and the community; but the 3 in 1 solution made it possible to put sheaths in the host pipe and pull them with the help of a winch, and shape them one by one with compressed air.

Another project involved the rehabilitation of over 100m of vertical pipe in Sydney’s basement. A DN 150 pumping line carrying sewage from a tunnel to surface level was leaking in several places and was in desperate need of repair.

The pipeline passed through a narrow vertical well, and replacement of the pipeline would have been very difficult and complicated, if not impossible. Sydney Water decided to reline the existing main pipe with a Primus Line system.

Australia and New Zealand Director Heiko Manzke says the market still has great potential for Primus Line. “More and more owners of assets, such as Sydney Water, Urban Utilities or Unity Water, are adopting our technology, not only for water pipes, but also for sewer pipes. The percentage of wastewater treatment projects in particular has increased dramatically over the past three years, ”he says.

Increased interest in sewer enhancement pipes

In 2019, Primus Line received the ASTT Rehab Project of the Year award for its rehabilitation work on a 50m section of a sewer riser under Biggera Creek in Queensland.

Four vertical elbows, each at an angle of 12 degrees, were located in the route of the pipeline. Specialized trenchless contractor Interflow offered the customer to install the Primus Line system to alleviate any operating pressure issues.

Primus Line’s aramid reinforced coating can absorb operating pressure independent of the host pipe. It is a flexible relining solution capable of accommodating turns up to 45 degrees. The liner is also not glued to the host pipe and can therefore be installed even if the host pipe is filled with water.

Insertion length and low machine efficiency

Primus Line seduces the Australian market because of its possible pulling length of over 1000 m, as well as the low use of machines and the transport efforts required for installation.

Measures to rehabilitate pipelines crossing private residential areas can therefore be undertaken with minimal impact on the environment and the community.

This is also beneficial in less developed and remote parts of Australia with areas sensitive to cultural heritage. For example, in Cape Lambert in Western Australia, Primus Line rehabilitated more than 1.5 km of drinking water pipeline for Rio Tinto on a site of cultural heritage significance.

Land piping

Primus Line land-based piping is a safe and reliable above-ground temporary bypass solution for transporting hazardous liquids when temporary lines are required.

Temporary installations result in high ongoing expenses for the repeated erection and dismantling of steel or HDPE pipe or for the transportation of hazardous liquids by truck from one location to another. Primus Line offers an environmentally friendly solution for quick installation and reuse, even on difficult terrain.

“Looking ahead, we see huge potential in the mining and hydraulic fracturing market,” says Manzke.

For more information visit the Primus line website.

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