“EU countries are at direct war with Russia”, says Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Saturday that many EU states were at “direct war” with Russia and as a result they expressed outrage and anger at Belgrade for refusing to ban Russian oil in accordance to EU sanctions. Speaking at a press conference just two days after a meeting with 27 EU leaders and six Western Balkan heads of government, Vucic said the Balkans “were not important that day” for the EU. He then went on to say that the EU was “completely at war with Russia” and that his priority was to provide Ukraine and Moldova with EU candidate status to challenge Vladimir Putin, according to the report. state-affiliated agency. RT.

“Viktor Orban [Hungarian prime minister] said that in an economic sense, Serbia and Montenegro are much more ready to join the EU than some other countries. But who cares ? Vucic asked.

Vucic admitted that Serbia is ‘in a difficult position’ due to pressure to join EU members in opposing Russia’s war and instituting the sanctions to weaken what they describe as resolve Putin’s Ukrainian. The Serbian leader claimed that many bloc member states “are angry” over the issue.

“Many EU countries are at direct war with Russia. They are sending howitzers, planes, S-300s to Ukraine, and how do you think they are going to treat us? They are out of place for us just as we are out of place for them, and that is why our position is extremely difficult. Will it be easier? Well, it won’t,” Vucic said, according to RT.

Serbia to stop Russian oil from November 1

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said last week that his country would stop Russian oil in accordance with the EU sanctions package. Vucic announced a ban on Russian oil exports to Serbia from Moscow as of November 1 this year. Russian oil is first transported via tankers to neighboring Croatia. It is then processed through the Adriatic pipeline to Serbia. The Russian ally imports almost all of its oil, which represents more than 70% of its total consumption from Moscow. Western sanctions, the Serbian leader said, have caused Belgrade an estimated loss of $600 million this year alone. This also includes fines due to limits on oil shipments, Vucic said.

“Dozens of new problems are emerging every day… Starting November 1, we will no longer be able to import Russian oil under the current sanctions, and who knows what other restrictions will be enacted by then,” Vucic said.

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