Despite city objections, Charlton’s $ 100 million gas pipeline and facility set to receive final approval

A proposed natural gas liquidation pipeline and plant in Charlton was recommended for approval on September 20 and will be subject to a final vote at the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board next week, according to a notice posted on

Northeast Energy Center, LLC, which is registered with the Philadelphia energy infrastructure company Liberty Energy Trust, is proposing the construction of a liquefied natural gas facility and pipeline in Charlton. The project will cost $ 100 million, including the cost of acquiring the land, according to the selection board’s interim decision report.

The plant would liquefy the natural gas from the pipeline, store the LNG, and load the tankers. It would be able to store 2 million gallons of LNG and produce up to 250,000 gallons per day, according to the selection board’s interim decision.

The interim selection board decision, which recommended approval for the project, said it will review and compare two sites for the project, one along Highway 169 and the other along Highway 20. .

The proposed location for Northeast Energy Center is 304 Southbridge Road, along Route 169 in Charlton, which adjoins the corporate headquarters of Incom, Inc., a supplier of fiber optic products. Incom, Inc. owns the land located at 304 Southbridge Road, valued at $ 197,900 by the City of Charlton.

In a September 24 letter, Charlton Town Planning Council expressed disappointment with the site planning council’s interim decision as it would exempt the project from zoning bylaws and exclude the city from formal review of the project.

The board will vote on the project in a virtual meeting on Wednesday. Public comments will be heard and commentators are to advise the committee that they wish to speak by Tuesday.

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