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MADISON – Members of the Madison County Council of Commissioners had the opportunity on Tuesday to learn more about a $ 4.5 billion carbon dioxide pipeline project that would cross Nebraska and four other states.

Summit Carbon Solutions in Ames, Iowa, proposed nearly 315 miles of pipeline to collect carbon dioxide from ethanol plants, including the Louis Dreyfus plant in Norfolk.

In Madison County, the road would go up from Platte County, cross the southeastern part of Madison County diagonally, then cross northwestern Stanton County and travel diagonally just east of Sioux City , Iowa, where it would connect with another route.

Another Atkinson and Holt County pipeline would cross west to the far northeast of Madison County, where a short segment would also connect from Husker Ag, between Plainview and Osmond.

Dayton Murty, a representative for CP Strategies of Lincoln, answered questions from the county board following a presentation on Tuesday. CP Strategies is a public relations firm hired by Summit Carbon Solutions to explain the proposed project.

With Nebraska, Summit Carbon Solutions seeks to capture carbon in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa.

Murty said there are 31 ethanol plants where state-of-the-art equipment along the pipeline route will capture carbon dioxide that would otherwise have been emitted into the atmosphere.

County commissioners took no action on Tuesday on the presentation or anything related to the carbon pipeline solutions.

“The goal of this project is to improve the long-term profitability of ethanol and agriculture. Ethanol and agriculture are working together to add value along the supply chain, as well as to create economic impact and jobs for rural America, ”said Murty.

About 40% of the corn crop each year goes to ethanol. With carbon sequestration, ethanol plants could receive a premium, and this project would continue to help provide a key market for corn, he said. In Nebraska alone, the ethanol industry adds an estimated $ 11.1 billion in economic output and supports more than 39,000 jobs.

“The long-term viability of the ethanol industry is essential for the agriculture industry and rural America,” said Murty.

In Nebraska, the six ethanol plants that would be served are the Green Plains facilities in Atkinson, Central City, Wood River and York, as well as Husker Ag between Plainview and Osmond, and Louis Dreyfus of Norfolk.

Troy Uhlir, chairman of the county board, said he had also been contacted by another carbon company interested in the county. This company serves other ethanol plants in Nebraska.

Murty said he knew of at least one other company that was considering capturing the CO2 and transporting it. He said the pipelines would be buried at least 4 feet deep, with the pipeline in Nebraska being 4 to 10 inches in diameter over its 315 miles. In other areas where the pipeline will connect, it will be up to 24 inches in diameter.

Murty said construction of the pipeline is expected to create 14,000 to 17,000 jobs in the five states. Union and non-union workers and local contractors would be used, he said.

Once operational, approximately 350 to 460 full-time jobs will be created across the region, some of which will be at each of the ethanol plants.

The Madison County Council of Commissioners met on Tuesday.

Members present: President Troy Uhlir, Ron Schmidt and Eric Stinson.

Others present: Anne Pruss, County Clerk; Dick Johnson, Highway Superintendent; Sheriff Todd Volk; at least six other county officials, four from the public and three journalists.

Duration of the meeting: 2 hours 30 minutes.

– Recited the pledge of allegiance and observed a minute of silence. Noted that the law on open meetings is posted and followed.

– Meeting as equalization commission and approval of a list of tax credits and corrections.

– Acknowledgment of receipt of the Certificate of Continuation of the Official Bond of Lori A. Pfeifer as Treasurer of the City of Madison.

– Acknowledgment of receipt of the Certificate of Continuation of the Official Bond of Duane J. Wessel as Chairman of Health and Improvement District 10, located east of Norfolk.

– Acknowledgment of receipt of the certificate of continuation of the official bond of Kirk Morgan as clerk of the health and improvement district 10.

– Approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs (NDVA) and the county to allow the Madison County Veterans Services Office to license NDVA as a user of VetraSpec from January 1, 2022 until December 31, 2023.

– Set Tuesday, February 15, the date for the public hearing of the road plan at one and six years.

– Approved the following appointments of the following extension board members for 2022: Kevin Kowalski, Aly Jurgensmeier, Juan Sandoval, Deb Lyon, Leonor Fuhrer, Esmeralda Martinez and Lori Pfeifer.

– Authorized the chairman of the county board to sign the Noxious Weed Department Annual Report to be filed with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. Further, authorized the Noxious Weed Superintendent to make findings as outlined in statutes and to issue and deliver notices in accordance with the Noxious Weed Control Act.

– Authorized the county treasurer to deposit and invest funds in designated county custodians.

– Ratification of the appointments of Commissioner Eric Stinson as Representative and Troy Uhlir as Alternate County Representative on the Board of Directors of the Northeast Nebraska Solid Waste Coalition.

– Examination of written reports and processing of complaints.

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