Coast Guard rushes to contain oil slick off Newport Beach

An oil slick believed to have come from a pipeline leak spilled into the waters off Newport Beach on Saturday, stretching for about 13 square miles, but officials believe it will be quickly contained.

Workers decided to shut down the pipeline and use pressure equipment to recover as much of the oil as possible shortly after the incident was reported at 12:18 p.m., said Kate Conrad of Beta Offshore, an oil producer from the Southern California involved in the operation.

“We were alerted quickly,” she said. “We really think we’re going to limit this to a small, contained incident.”

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife also sent crews to the scene after several reports of bursts in the water about five miles off the coast of Newport Beach. The cleaning crews are mobilized, the department tweeted.

There were no immediate reports of “oiled wildlife,” a spokesperson said, but the department’s investigation is ongoing. A team from the Oiled Wildlife Care Network was also mobilized.

The city of Newport Beach is monitoring the spill, officials said. The spill is expected to dissipate by wind, sun and wave action and is not expected to hit the shore, the city tweeted.

No beach closures have been reported.

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