Amtrak and NABTU Sign Workforce Memorandum of Understanding

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Sleepers and rails from the operator’s point of view

Amtrak and the Building Trades Unions of North America (NABTU) signed a workforce memorandum of understanding that promotes a “network of unionized construction workers in the United States to build and expand Passenger rail, they reported on October 28.

NABTU represents more than 3 million skilled crafts professionals.

The memorandum of understanding with NABTU, along with its affiliates and state and local councils, establishes “a model of labor-management cooperation and workforce development,” Amtrak said. “With Amtrak’s 15-year expansion strategy to create half a million jobs providing more than $ 150 billion in economic benefits to 160 local communities, this agreement helps secure a labor pool. Consistent construction work, workforce training and labor standards with family wages, health care benefits, and pension security.

As part of this framework, Amtrak and its construction partners will work with NABTU to accelerate apprenticeship preparation programs, promote diversity, and ensure fair wages and benefits for the construction workforce on their job. projects, according to the railroad.

NABTU President Sean McGarvey

“We applaud Amtrak for coming to the table to work in partnership with us and our members,” said NABTU President Sean McGarvey, who also thanked Ed Wytkind, former President of the Transportation Trades Department (TTD), “for his help and support throughout the process.”

Amtrak CEO Bill Flynn

“The partnership between Amtrak and NABTU reflects a commitment to the workforce that will help build the future of our country’s rail infrastructure,” said Amtrak CEO Bill Flynn.

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