2 teenage brothers in caps and gowns fired back at shooter outside graduation, court records show | National

CROWN POINT – Two teenage brothers in their caps and robes fought back on Sunday after a man dressed in dark clothing began shooting at them, injuring two people in the shooting and forcing others to hide behind vehicles , according to court and police records.

Joshua J. Hughes, 17, was charged as an adult on Thursday in the Sunday shooting outside the US Steel Yard following a graduation ceremony for more than 200 students from the West Side Leadership Academy.

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Gary police are seeking advice on a man wearing a black hoodie and black pants who fled south on Maryland Street from East Fifth Avenue after a shooting that injured two people Sunday at the exterior of the US Steel Yard. Anyone with photos or video of the shooting, or information about the man’s identity, is asked to call Detective Sgt. James Nielsen at 219-881-1210. To remain anonymous, call 866-CRIME-GP.

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Times editor Annie Mattea contributed to this report.

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